• Jim Costa

Jim’s Rant For The Day. Silver Pricing is Finally Set Free.

The physical silver market is finally set free from the paper silver con game! This began to occur a month ago and is in full swing now. There is no going back to the silver manipulations.

Yesterday my wife purchased more silver dollars (Eagles) for her stacks. The Wall Street price was $17.50. The price I paid to a long-time local gold supplier was $28.50 per ounce of physical. That is the real street price.

My Daughter-In-Law withdrew a sizeable sum from her 401(k) last year on May 28, 2019. She incurred a 10% penalty plus regular tax on the full withdrawal as penalties for early withdrawal. She paid the penalty and taxes out of her withdrawal and invested the rest in silver. AFTER deducting the penalties, the difference from her total withdrawal and its current street value today, she made a 42% Return on her Investment in just one year. If my D-I-L had purchased with cash and not incurred the tax penalties, her Rate of Return would have been 68% for the year.

It appears that the silver street price for physical is about to take off now and there is no stopping it by the paper silver market con anymore.

Check My Numbers. Look for yourself. Go to an online silver seller and pretend to purchase a hundred silver dollars. Use the delivered price as the street price for physical. Go to the above link and pretend to order 100 coins, using a credit card and calculate the postage. You don't have to give credit card information. It comes to $28.37 per coin. That is the FMV or street price.


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