• Jim Costa

Jim’s Rant For The Day. Strike On Bill Still.

Bill Still’s post today Feds Pressure Docs to Stop Prescribing HCQ was most disturbing to me today.

It left me with the impression that pharmacists were being pressured differently to not fill prescriptions for hydrochlorequine to deny doctors the ability to care for their sick patients. He said Pharmacists were being pressured to ask for the doctor’s diagnosis of the patients illness and a doctor stated it is against HIPP law to divulge that information to a pharmacist. That’s what I got from Still’s presentation.

I just questioned my Daughter-In-Law, a Florida pharmacist, about it. She nearly dove over the dinner table with a fork in her hand and did me some ‘splaining. According to her all prescriptions have the medial diagnosis on them as a safety check for the pharmacist.

She also said that what is really happening is that there is a shortage of the drug now and Pharmacists are not filling the prescriptions if it is for preventative measures only. Thus a doctor cannot prescribe daily doses forever for her family members to insure they will not get sick. But this in no way keeps sick persons from getting the medication.

In Still’s defense, he did somewhat say this but his presentation kind of downplayed the medication shortage part and that all sick persons were being medicated.

This is the first time I have ever found fault in one of Still’s presentations.