• Jim Costa

Dear Jim: Re: Today's posts by Col. Potter & Erin Scott.

I see it very clearly now. The 3 corporations that run the world have all made some recent changes..... on purpose.

  • Vatican City - Pope is no longer the Vicar of Christ.

  • Washington DC - The presidential seal has not appeared recently in live broadcasts.

  • City of London - Recent changes with the Royal family titles and what not.

They will then pull out a large appearance of Christ via Project Blue Beam. The message will be clear, continue to be meek and inherit the Earth. That's right. Obey us and you'll eventually haven a nice place to rest, 6 feet under.

Another scenario would be Project Blue Beam projecting an alien invasion, a last ditch effort to bring us together, while we're still under their thumb.

Food for thought, Lance

Response: Food nothing, it's a hellova meal! I totally agree with you Lance. It is going to be interesting to watch if this is their next false flag.