• Jim Costa

Jim’s Rant For The Day. Macro Questions Anyone?

1. Is Bo Johnson about to have a miraculous recovery from the virus by taking hydroxychloroquine medicine in order to show the world the real answer to stopping the virus scare and abruptly ending it?

My guess is yes.

2. Are the good guys using the virus lock-down now to bankrupt the Central Banks worldwide?

My guess is the virus was brought out by the deep state to hurt Trump’s reelection chances and move the world more to socialism. But now the good guys are using it to destroy the banking system that cannot survive without global money flow.

3. If #2 is to bankrupt the banks won’t it bankrupt everything in the world too?

My guess is the free market economy actually died in the 2007-2008 collapse and has been on life support since then. That support is now failing for the last time; the Ponzi schemes are ending from awareness. As far as bankrupting the world, see the last statement below.

4. If we assume we are actually watching the collapse of the USA Global Empire (petrodollar system), how do we really think the rest of the world would react now?

My guess is that the world is most anxious to end the world financial control the U. S., its dollar and military have used like a schoolyard bully threatening other sovereign countries to comply into submission. Usually when a world empire dies it is the result of great war(s). In the current situation it is covert wars in the background. I think the last thing the world wants is an all out nuclear type attrition war and so calmer minds have consented to cooperate in the take down of the root world leaders, that being our Deep State, Global Central Bankers, the ancient elite family leaders, etc. That could be the explanation for the fast willingness to cooperate in a global quarantine and work/money stoppage.

5. Where does the world go from here if we all go bankrupt?

My guess, if the Bankers lose. This one is hard to visualize; kinda like squinting real hard with your glasses on backwards while staring at smoke. But here goes.

Imagine a world where half of the current jobs are no longer needed. We know this has been happening since the industrial revolution began and has really sped up lately due to greater advances in technology including factory/machine production. Won’t this cause wealth for half the population while the other dies from a Charles Dickens’ like poverty world? Not really. How about a live-able wage increase so we can all live off a 20 hour workweek and go to job sharing?

Imagine unlimited free energy, cures for a great many ailments, no interest owed, freedom from all prior debts. So now you can start afresh, debt free with most of our big expenses gone.

Imagine the possibility of shrinking most of our centralized government agencies and most of our large corporations gone. We are now free to create the world we focus on creating.

Of course it will still be chaotic for a period while we leave the past behind and move forward into our new unseen world a step at a time. But all in all we can be there in a year or two, well worth the painful journey.

Your thoughts?