• Jim Costa

Note From Jim: Purchasing Food Supplies.

I read this post this morning on website:

"I just started prepping 2 months ago. I ordered from Amazon what for my family amounts to a 3 year supply of bottled water. I also started buying canned goods (spam, ham, chicken, beans corn) and rice in bulk and putting it in storage.

I guess with all the news about the Corona virus people started panicking. The store shelves tonight has no water, rice, beans, or canned goods. Walmart and all the big grocery stores and Costco were out. Amazon also sold out.

I headed to my local Walmart supercenter tonite. Bought anything left and had 2 carts filled with the last cases of bottled water (approx 20 cases). On my way out, people coming in were yelling at me "can't you save some for me" as well as other not so nice words. At check out the guy next to me looked at me and said "jesus christ you are f--king stupid". I got out in the parking lot where a pickup truck with two mid-30s guys in it started yelling at me to save water for other people.

I could not believe the way people were acting. By the time I got to my car I did not even feel safe. I did not say anything, make eye contact, or do anything to these people...EXCEPT that I was prepared and they were not. So, I was somehow the bad guy and not just responsible for me but also them. I mean what is this mentality? I've prepared. You haven't. Oh well. Yet I'm the bad guy.

It got me thinking. If there was any major catastrophe and the food supply did get interruped. Just think what would happen to society. The people at Walmart tonight would be multiplied by millions and it would be gunshots in the street.