• Jim Costa

Dear Jim: Your Take On The Virus.

Watch this anonymous video by a Chinese doctor and tell me what you think. James


James: I just skimmed the article on the virus.

First I question the source. I consider myself a critical thinker type analyst. The first step is always to check your source. Are they credible, what is their motive; is it possible they have been lied to, etc. In this case I cannot do any of that. Therefore I must ignore 90% of what he is saying.

Next I said I would not share my personal opinion on the Virus for the two week period ended this past Sunday. You are the first to hear it as I am still not ready to share it.

There are two facets to the virus problem, that being the financial impact as well as the health.

First the Financial. For me the real immediate looming problem is the Financial side. If Chinese economy goes down the entire Global Banking/financial system will implode due to their gambling over extension. That can happen within a month or so. There can be no saving them.

However, they may still be able to print funny money out of thin air and continue to con the world a little longer. Who Knows?

So for the Financial impact, it may collapse soon or it may not.

Second is the Health. As an analyst I still cannot form an opinion without any concrete facts. We are being lied to by many for various reasons. So for now there is no ONE TRUTH.

A good example is some "experts" are saying the world will end soon from it and just yesterday another expert it is so bad that they are projecting 40 million deaths from it. Do the math: 40 Million / 7.5 Billion people on the planet equals a global die off of 1 half of 1% of the global population. I believe the Black Plague killed around 10 - 15% of the global population and the 1918 Spanish Flu killed 3% of the global population.

Yet we are told to be fearful of a 0.5% Global death rate!

I am convinced that it is the result of bio-warfare created in the 1950s under Robert McNamara, Secretary of Defense during the Vietnam war. Today I saw the headline that the FBI arrested/investigated a Harvard Chemistry professor and others for passing the government owned virus to China.

It reminded me of a riddle I once heard that haunted me most of my life. "A Whitefoot Indian always tells the truth; a Blackfoot always tells a lie. An Indian tells you he is a Whitefoot. What tribe is he from?"

Was the virus released from a lab in Wu Han? If so, was it by accident or someone paid to release it? Was it released on the street nearby by the CIA so the world would blame the Chinese lab? We will be the last people on earth to have these answers.

Who benefits by the Chinese crisis? Of course the Banksters as now the financial collapse can occur with the virus taking the blame.

But then again of course the Patriots and world good guys because they can cause the financial ruination of the global financial system controllers, who may not want the collapse yet.

So again, I ask was the release of the virus done by a Whitefoot or a Blackfoot?

My conclusion: Stay Prepped. In regards to the riddle, there is no answer.