• Jim Costa

Dear Jim: Re: - Michael Rivero.

Using ADVANCED does not work for me in accessing and other sites blocked in either Firefox or Android/Chrome. Rivero is being blocked via https:/SSL.

The internet thought police often use Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption (https:) to block sites. The Deep State can mess with site certificates and blocking lists so that SSL/https: does not work. Https: is generally turned on by default in most browsers so access fails if security certificates are tainted, do not exist, or are on a restricted list. If you suspect this type of blocking try turning off encryption, that is, use http:, NOT https: or leave out http or www altogether. Examples: or, or, You might have to try all 3 options. Encryption (https:) it is only needed when important personal data is at risk, like when banking or buying stuff online.