• Jim Costa

Dear Jim: Regarding your site being down sometimes for hours.

Going to your site every now and then,, I have encountered nothing showing up (in your main area) and then maybe 1-2 hours or days, later it does.

Could be the 'internet' as they say, but wanted you to be aware of what is happening.


Jim's Response: Others have advised me of that the past few months. Always my two computers load the site quickly. It could be your Internet software (Chrome, etc.) that is blocking it. I use Firefox.

I do not use adds on the site, it is just pure text so it is not a result of outside sources posting there. I suspect my site is being hacked by your Internet server. Suggest you load Firefox or another non-name brand software as a spare to try when needed.

P. S. I have been told my site is completely blocked in Australia now for several months.

Response back from Sharon: Yes interesting.......But here's the thing, I use only Firefox when going to your site. We shall persevere Thanks again for getting back to me. Keep up the good work. Happy Holidays! Sharon

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