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Jim’s Rant For The Day. What if . . .

In yesterday’s report Barr Disputes Major Horowitz Finding Based On Durham, CIA Evidence, it is suggested that the FISA report that was expected in May was held up because Horowitz may not have been aware of the exculpatory evidence deliberately left out of the FISA report and thus Horowitz may have reached the wrong conclusion of no foul play by the government agents.

This implies that the FISA report was held up waiting for Durham’s criminal investigation report to be completed and fill in the missing piece of the exculpatory evidence, right?

Being a criminal investigation, it comes with indictments, right? And being criminal indictments, it does not have to be approved by those charged with indictments, right?

So what if early this morning or tomorrow morning Durham’s criminal investigation report is released ahead of the FISA report! That would force the news cameras onto that story and away from the sham impeachment hearing that nobody will watch anyway. And that will put extreme pressure on the thirty-three Democrats Congressmen that are the swing votes, as now they cannot support the sham if its leaders are under indictments for Treason, right?

What if it happens today or tomorrow before anyone famous dies before December 9th? What if it all plays out like this? Wouldn't it be nice?

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