• Jim Costa

Jim’s Rant For The Day. Northwestern Points the Way.

Yesterday’s reaction from some of Northwestern University students to an assignment for their student journalists was most ironical and prophetic that it occurred the day before the Salem Witch Impeachment charade.

The student newspaper was preparing an article for print. In the course of gathering information for it they solicited a comment from ICE, which they failed to get. But apparently 650 students signed a petition to ban the newspaper for contacting ICE and in so doing, violated the students’ right to privacy. Apparently they would prefer that their world would be better if their own journalist majors graduated with “Fs” and thusly went out into the world to perform their trade.

The prophetic part of this is it is all madness and foretells the ultimate outcome of the Salem Witch Impeachment in D. C.

I will not follow or report much on that charade. I am trying to look past it and follow the bigger picture. All I will say on the subject is that I totally agree with today’s Lionel Nation's excellent 4 Minute video: Fundamental and Strong Conservatism Will Soon Rebound With a Fury and Vengeance.

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