• Col. Roy Potter

URGENT! IC Ramping Up Attacks On POTUS and Americans This Week.

22 Minute Mark: "The enemy is now inside our wire and destroying our internal communications. . . . The next two weeks is going to be really telling." 26 Minute Mark: "The [Deep State moves] might be the cover for the police and military to justify following the Deep State's [orders]".

34 Minute Mark: "U. S. Naval forces are massing in force off South America."

[May be to take out Mexican Cartels or the help Trump do arrests in the U. S., who knows?]

38 Minute Mark: "They are now moving with Psychologists that will say that Trump is unfit. . . . He is now a victim of Bill Barr's new law taking weapons (nuclear bomb) away from [crazy people]".

66 Minute Mark: "There is no negotiating with or reuniting the Left with the right. It is too far gone."

[Start watching at 6 Minute Mark]

120 Minute Video

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