• Jim Costa

Jim’s Rant For The Day. It’s All Delayed Again.

A week and a half ago I was convinced the chaos was about to begin this upcoming weekend or a few days after. I may be wrong again. So much has happened in the past ten days that it is hard to get a firm grasp on things.

I feel sorry for myself but mostly for others that forecasted the same. A few days ago one such individual posted a “deep article” but then hastily erased it before anyone could read it. I feel for that person and feel I know what that article might have pointed out.

It would have started with the set up of the stock market manipulations to make it appear to later historians that it crashed just like the 1929 crash, following the statistical laws of a free market panic instead of a controlled and deliberate crash in our time. I know this sounds crazy but I agree with the patterns exhibited by the controlled stock market that a few weeks ago it had all the signs of a crash coming probably late this week or early next week. But a major change MAY HAVE BEEN ADDED.

Last Friday the Federal Reserve announced that they were going to help the banks and pick up the pace of giving them more free printed money. Before I continue let me set a bar of how much money we are talking about here. We are told as a matter-of-fact that the U. S. is in debt for about $21 Trillion. But we are also told that there is another $20 Trillion lost off books that needs to be added to the stated $21 Trillion. Therefore, the U. S. debt is somewhere between $21 and $41 Trillion, depending on who you believe.

But last Friday the Fed indicated [my paraphrase here] that in order to save JP Morgan, Citi, Bank of America and Goldman Sachs, the Fed would give them $50 Trillion by November 15th., and within one year give them $150 Trillion, paid out monthly. This may stall off the stock market collapse for a while longer, who knows. Or it could be a pre-stated measure to protect the banks through the market collapse; time will tell.

Another factor was the Marine Corp activation order (10/3/19) for the period around October 19th. Was it a real plan of action or more saber rattling? Again only time will tell.

Then there was the date certain that the IG’s FISA report would be released on October 18th. But today we hear that the release has been delayed for another two weeks. We are told that the delay was to force the Deep State to show their plans to tie up the news media at release date, therefore, that date was a fake.

All I can say for certain folks is this is a wild crazy insane game in which no laws, even mathematical, matter. But when the Federal Reserve indicates it will save four banks out of how many insolvent big banks globally, by giving those four banks $150 Trillion, this game cannot last much longer!

In fact, today we see that the European Central Bank is asking for member countries to bail out their Central Bank and it’s Euro. Hang in there, “something’s gotta blow!”


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