• Jim Costa

Dear Jim: Your globally thinking followers need to see this.

Your globally thinking followers need to see this and take note of Macron's annotated photo, the 2nd pic in the article. Key points of Macron's speech: 1) ??? great upheaval that is undoubtedly taking place for the first time in our history in almost every field and with a profoundly historic magnitude??? 2) ???We are undoubtedly experiencing the end of Western hegemony over the world??? 3) ???by the mistakes of Westerners in certain crises, by the choices that have been made by Americans for several years??? 4) ??? the emergence of new powers whose impact we have probably underestimated for a long time. China is at the forefront, but also the Russian strategy, which has, it must be said, been pursued more successfully in recent years??? 5) ???real ???civilizational states??? which now come not only to shake up our international order??? 6) ??? Look at India, Russia and China. They have a much stronger political inspiration than Europeans today. They think about our planet with a true logic, a true philosophy, an imagination that we???ve lost a little bit.??? Author's Conclusion: Macron reads the writing on the wall Whatever his political motives to say what he said, Macron is no idiot and neither are his advisors. Neither is this a ???one off??? thing.