• Jim Costa

Dear Jim: A Slow Motion Sting Operation?

Several recent articles are out about Trump using old defaulted Chinese Bonds from the early 1900s for trade deal leverage, here's one: Today Joseph P. Farrell responded with his analysis. The take away is that the FED, not the US Treasury, may have issued Morgenthau gold backed bearer bonds to nationalist China in the 1930s in return for the safe-keeping of their gold from Japanese invaders. So, the FED is on the hook for that gold plus INTEREST. As Q Post #2619 says, "gold shall destroy FED." Which finally brings me to page 79 of my favorite financial story, "The History of Banking, An Asian Perspective," which is attached. The earliest reference to this I could find was from 2009 but it was uploaded to on 9/11/2011. Is this a coincidence, Bix? Are we witnessing the biggest and slowest sting operation to hit the planet in modern recorded history? Jeff


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