• Jim Costa

Jim’s Rant For The Day. Layers Of Darkness.

I just posted: Do you feel “something BIG” is coming? The collective consciousness across YouTube prepper channels seems to think so. What is coming?

It is a good watch. I suggest you start with the Civil War video first.

I have been carrying this rant inside of me for about two weeks now but have been hesitant to write it. But the above post makes me more comfortable in sharing it. So what I am going to do is just point out the various layers of problems we face today:

Legitimacy of the President.

Repubs vs Dems. We have allowed ourselves to be convinced that we are a democracy and yet we are not. This false belief will destroy us.

Rule of Law. If we don’t return to it immediately we never will.

Democracy or Republic. See Bill Still’s excellent video today.

Open Borders.

Communism or Capitalism?

If Capitalism, Open or Crony Capitalism. If I had to defend our current state of crony capitalism to defeat communism, I don’t if my heart would be in it, as what we now have being controlled by big businesses that have rigged all markets may be no worse than communism.

Citizens Armed or Disarmed? The Armenian citizens were disarmed prior to WWI and WWII and they experienced genocide. French citizens and the German Jews were disarmed just prior to WWII. Russia and China were disarmed just prior to communism taking power. Even Pol Pot disarmed his people before butchering one third of them in the 1970s.

US Global Empire through the Dollar? Will we continue to control all of our “Money Slaves” by endless war and “Sanctions”?

One world Government?

Global Financial Collapse.

So my concern here is do we really expect all of these threats to our current way of life to just disappear? Sooner or later some of these threats are going to place us in chaos of some sort. That is all I am saying here.