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Dear JIm: Assange Arrest

So far the best comprehensive coverage of the Assange arrest that I have read is from Sorcha. This time their loaf is mostly meat, not much bread filling. Here are some of the best cuts of meat: "The two most critical dates involving these stolen emails, this report notes, are 10 July 2016—the date Democratic National Committee computer staffer Seth Rich was assassinated, after which Wikileaks offered a $20,000 reward for his assassin’s capture—and 17 May 2017—the date Robert Mueller was appointed Special Counsel and charged with investigating everything having to do with Trump, Assange and Russian collusion in the 2016 US Presidential Election." "With Julian Assange being the only main figure in this entire political drama able to answer the question if Seth Rich, indeed, leaked Hillary Clinton’s campaign chairman John Podesta’s and Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman-Schultz’s Democratic National Committees emails to Wikileaks, this report notes, one would have fully expected Special Counsel Mueller to make Assange one of his first investigative subjects—but is an expectation never met as Mueller never interviewed Assange." "...on 12 January 2018, saw Assange firmly choosing a side in this war when he posted to his Twitter account the long awaited “Marshall Attack” chess move message signaling his acceptance of Trump’s “terms”—and that occurred barely a fortnight after the “Deep State”, on 25 December 2017, sent an unmistakable Twitter threat message through the Office of US Naval Intelligence with the single words “Julian Assange”—thus showing their knowing of Trump’s negotiations with Assange, and the grave threat they both posed to them." "...a US federal indictment so flimsy a first year law student would have no trouble destroying it..." "...the “Doctrine of Specialty” provisions outlined the US-UK extradition treaty that strictly forbids additional criminal charges being placed against extradited persons to either country..." It appears to me the arrest is for the Light. Prolly arranged when Trump visited the Queen with those obvious violations of royal social etiquette. Having the Brits take custody first would allow the Brits to control the initial narrative and reduce public exposure of the international conspiracy.

See: Link =========================== P.S. Your site has been loading much faster and more reliably in the last few days - imagine that!

Response: Mine too!

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