• Jim Costa

Jim’s Rant For The Day. Deja Vu Again, Again.

This is a follow up on my earlier Rant Tonight.

In his Art Of War, Sun Tzu says to always leave your enemy an escape route. This way you get what you want without a battle. Is this what Trump may be up to with Assange?

If Assange takes the hit for the Russian collusion then all of the Comey and company, including Hillary, escape. But in exchange for their escape they might all have to give up power as they slither away. Trump then is left just to do battle with Congress. There would be no messy trials to drag on for years as it most certainly looks like there will be no military tribunals at this point.

So once again, this would leave Trump just to contend with Congress as the Deep State is greatly weakened. Just thinking out loud here Folks.