• Jim Costa

Jim’s Rant For The Day. Deja Vu Again?

Let us assume that Col. Roy Potter is correct in saying that the new and improved DOJ, in an effort to save the DOJ’s reputation, is going to sacrifice Assange and make the case that he colluded with Russia.

The reason to do so would be to give the DOJ higher-ups cover for all that they did to cover up crimes by the Clinton Machine. This would also allow Trump to make peace with them and kick the indictment can down the road for, lets say, 63 years, like the JFK assassination files.

So if this was all to transpire, I have just one question for you. Is the DOJ about to frame an innocent man to hide crimes of other higher-ups for committing crimes by framing an innocent man to hide the crimes of other higher-ups? Let me restate this question. Is the DOJ going to participate in treason in order to cover up the DOJ’s treason that they committed?

Somehow this does not give the DOJ a new found credibility, me thinks.

Folks, If we do not immediately go back to the rule of law then we are witnessing the collapse of the United States before our very eyes!


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