• Jim Costa

Special Note From Jim. Re: Domain Name Problems.

Thank you all so much for the feedback and warm words of support. I will continue the website.

Based on your feedback this is what I think I know:

It appears a malware has hit about 30% of us which I assume alters the request by adding another character to its end (I am guessing here). Its sole purpose is to block us from reading that one website. (Guessing here too.)

Of the 30% hit with the malware that responded, you are all smart enough to search for “Jim’s Rant For The Day”, “”, “Wix & Costa Resetus” or anything else that will return the long-name of the site.

In a few days I may add a second domain name to the top of the site just in case it is needed.

I may leave the WIX platform and search for a more secure site. However, I do not believe WIX is at fault with the domain name problem but may be the source of slow loading problem.

You all know that in the event of slow loading you can still reach the postings from the listing on the right of the page.

I am consoled by what Micheal Rivero has said for years, “When you receive flak you know you are over the target.”