• Jim Costa

Jim’s Rant For The Day. Bringing the Nunes Indictment Request Into Focus.

The past few days I was remiss in not posting that Congressman Devin Nunes will be turning over a list of eight individuals to the Dept. Of Justice for them to indict for lying to congress and involvement in some questionable activity in regards to a coup, as that is what it is really about. I didn’t post it because in my mind it was just another dog and pony show to lull us back to sleep.

How about another mind experiment? Picture an old 1960’s era mystery movie in which the lead character is sitting in their third floor flat looking out the window. The witness watches a violent crime in process. He calls the police and the movie continues.

Now picture the same scene as above except now the witness waits two years before calling the police.

Now picture the same scene above except this time there are three policemen present at the scene and they do nothing. Does our witness call the police?

Nunes says he has been gathering information on the eight for two years now. His request for indictment might be ready by the end of this week. Now let’s not forget that all this time the DOJ and FBI are well aware of what has been going on as they too watch the TV.

So now I ask you, is this just another dog and pony show by Nunes? How much paperwork is required simply to ask the DOJ just to do its job? And now, the big question. Will the DOJ do their job, the one they have failed or refused to do for the past few years?

Are we being conned again?