• Jim Costa

Special Note From Jim: Domain Name Problems for this Blog.

I may be closing down this news blog. I am considering it for a day or two.

I feel that I am being shadow banned in a strange manner. The domain name of "" appears to be turned off on my computer, my wife's computer and her smart phone. I checked with my Domain Service provider and they confirm all is OK on their end and the person helping me reached the blog immediately in typing in "". This tells me that a virus type program has been sent to those visiting my blog to prevent them from visiting it again.

Over the past few months several of you readers have contacted me that the domain name was not working but when I checked it was. Several of you said your computer will not get my blog but your phones would. Again, this tells me I have been shadow banned.

What would help me is if you would email me and let me know if you can reach me by the domain name of: or by the long name of:

My email address: Email

This will also let me know if anyone is reading the blog.

I have a few options I can explore, such as create a new domain name. But my concern is how many readers are still with me? If not but a few, I might as well shut down the site as it is too much work just to help a few when at one time there were so many readers. Plus I realize that if I do use a new domain name it may take years for the lost readers to find the blog again.

Any information I can get from you will be appreciated. Jim