• Jim Costa

Jim’s Rant For The Day. If And If . . .

If we accept yesterday’s statement by Col. Roy Potter that his inside Congressional source tells him that Senators Pelosi and Schumer have already seen the Mueller Report, and this is the reason for their declaration that the Russian Collusion story was indeed B.S. and there will be no impeachment of Trump.

And If Pelosi read the report, then it means that the Mueller investigation is over because the report is the final step in the process.

And If The investigation is over, then we cannot continue to say that Trump cannot release information that would interfere with the Mueller investigation for fear of being charged with obstruction of justice for the releases to harm the Mueller investigation.

Therefore, If Trump doesn’t come down hard in the immediate weeks to force us back to following the law, then perhaps the U. S. deserves to end up on the garbage heap of failed governments!

As I type this I am carrying two thoughts in my head. The first was yesterday’s Erin Scott ‘s interview with a former citizen of Venezuela who was either describing the situation of their dying country or was she actually predicting the manner of our own country’s death. See Interview.

My other thought is how I do hope that what Q is saying about all hell breaking loose next Tuesday the 19th is accurate. One indication is that it is true (in my mind) because the release of Mueller’s Report book on Amazon will happen on Tuesday, March 26th, exactly one week after the 19th. This I believe is the formal date the report will (formally) be delivered to congress leaving the 26th as the pre-approved date the report will be released to the public.

This brings us back to the All Hell part. In my mind, Trump cannot dilly dally around in bringing 80,000 indictments into our legal system as it is today and expect to right the ship of state. The legal system will drag on forever by high priced attorneys of the elite, thus allowing our ship of state fall to communism next year. No sir, Trump must bring in military tribunals to at least quickly deal summary judgment against the Treason violators and thus immediately bring us back to the rule of law and the Republic. All of this MUST begin within the next few weeks!