• Jim Costa

Jim’s Rant For The Day. The Trump Wall Financial Deal.

This is the latest statement from the X22Report on the wall financial deal put together by Trump.

To begin with, Trump signed three Executive Orders on Friday regarding the wall. The first was to pull $601 Million from the Treasury and this cannot be contested by the Deep State.

The second order pulls $2.5 Billion from another fund that cannot be contested. When added with the bill just past that allocates $1.3 Billion, that is a total of $4 Billion that Trump can use now that cannot be blocked or delayed to build the wall.

The Emergency act with its $4 Billion can be delayed for about a year and by the time those funds are available for use the wall will have been built. Therefore, it appears Trump got the better of the deal and the fight now is a wasted motion by the Deep State.

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