• Jim Costa

Jim’s Rant For The Day. Vetting The Betting Table.

If you got behind in your reading the past week then this Rant is for you.

This week all of the big bets are on the table and this is what the consensus is. The Dems will stall on the wall; Trump will declare a National Emergency and close the government again this Friday.

The government closing will run the full 30 days so Trump can then do a Reduction In Force, thus firing all known Deep State Operatives (SES officers that cannot be fired). He may also begin gutting the CIA, FBI and even the DOJ. It appears that bridge pay-day loans may have been arranged to tide most of the Federal Employees over so their suffering can be mitigated during those 30 days.

The National Emergency is actually Martial Law and unleashes a lot of power to Trump. Anything can start during this time frame.

The Mueller Investigation is about to end and his report is expected around Mid-March. Whitaker will then probably fire Mueller and associates the day before Barr takes his oath of Office, thus leaving the Dems pissed at Whitaker instead of the new Attorney General Barr. Then Barr will release the FISA report and all hell will break loose.

All of this will show itself in March. Last chance to place your bets folks.

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