• Jim Costa

Jim’s Rant For The Day. Gettin Close?

Yesterday Dave from X22Report (28 Minute mark) suggested that Thursday’s hacking and take down of certain major (pro-cabal) newspapers was probably done by the Cabal itself. The motive might have been to accustom the people to expect more such attacks on the news media as normal. This would be most helpful to combat the declass of the FISA report or announcements of key arrests.

This morning I was surprised to see FOX news cover the newspapers shutdown by “hackers”. But that surprise was pale in comparison to the immediate fifteen minute follow-up story of who killed Jimmy Hoffa 44 years ago! They went into great detail that an investigation is trying to now solve that mystery as to what happened to the Teamster’s Union leader’s missing body.

All of today's news gives me very differing feelings. The first is that Dave is right in suggesting the CABAL is prepared to take out national news when the thrust of it is against them. This is bolstered by FOX news diverting attention from the Deep State illegal activities currently being uncovered and instead focusing attention on where Spot buried his bone in 1975, as though that is important somehow. This indicates to me that some extremely damning news about the Deep State is about to be revealed. This is good.

Today is New Year’s Eve. For most of us this day should take on two differing patterns. One is to lay out the aspirin and our party clothes so we are prepared for the night. The other is to watch endless news recaps for the year and key financial speakers describing the upcoming year. This usually starts several days prior to New Year’s Eve but so far I have not seen either and don’t expect to. This gives me a neutral feeling as I already know we are in a war with the news media about the truth.

But now for the scary feeling. If the CABAL is prepared to take down the newspapers and Main Street News to hide information, just how long will they keep that up? Will those companies cease to operate for a year? I don’t think so. So now we are looking at them being down for as short as a week. For What? What can save the CABAL that can be accomplished in only a week I ask?

To me, that answer can only be to allow the U.S. minions (Bushs, Clintons, etc) to go down while the U.S. is completely taken out of the leading of the CABAL bashing news, perhaps by an EMP. And that scares the hell outta me!


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