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Jim’s Rant For The Day. State Of The Nation – Heads Up.

At 6 PM last night BPEarthwatch posted a video titled “State of the Nation – Heads Up.” It was a two minute video of the Senate voting and calling itself back into session Monday morning, Christmas Eve. They were to be off until Thursday afternoon. BP made no comment on the video.

It is 4 AM now. I woke up after a dream and suddenly wondered why BP titled his video the way he did. I felt like something big just broke and got up to check the current news. I do indeed now feel something big is on the horizon here. I am not a coffee drinker and am running on fumes at this time so forgive me if I don’t do the required research for my usual rants. But wasn’t the Federal Reserve created by a sneaky Christmas Eve vote in 1913 after most congressmen had gone home?

At 11 PM last night BP posted another video titled POSSIBLE ARREST ON THE WAY! Hannity says that Gen. Kelly is setting up a meeting with Congress (date not mentioned) so they can see the documents they have been asking for regarding the Deep State coup.

At Midnight last night Bill Still posted this video: United States Doesn’t Need the Fed. Be sure to watch till the very end; he slips a commercial in before the last few minutes. In it he outlines how Trump can end the Fed by Executive order and/or by Congress.

In the words of the great BPEarthwatch, “Heads Up!”

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