• Jim Costa

Dear Jim: I See.


1 FEMA will make its report about the integrity of the elections to POTUS on or before 12/21

2. Demos have already announced at least 75 different investigations they want to commence on 1/6/2019.

3. Amended UMCJ regulations go into effect 1/1/2019

4. On January 1, 2019 the Executive Order granting amnesty to those who appointed and elected government officials who were ordered to commit corrupt and illegal acts ceases.

5. 135 military police departed for GITMO on Saturday 12/1 for 140 days of service.


1. The smaller contingent of military police went either to ‘make ready’ or ‘over see a smaller number of prisoners’ then the 66,000.

2. POTUS could conceivably nullify enough elections and call for re-votes which would at the very least deny them total control of the House on 1/6/2019.

3. Based upon the above I do not see a Mass Arrest day.

What I see, in the beginning, is selected arrests for out right treason to occur prior to 1/1/2019, held in GITMO and questioned until they have a come to Jesus moment and spill their guts – which will ultimately lead to more arrests.

4. If enough HOUSE elections are nullified by POTUS I see riots.

5. If riots, I see Martial Law.

6. If Martial Law I see all of Trump’s promises (every one of them) fulfilled before we come out of Martial Law.

7. Essentially, I see a very interesting State of the Union Speech in January 2019.


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