• Jim Costa

Note From Jim: We May Lose Internet Soon.

Saturday two weeks ago, I lost Internet service for five hours. I had one of their techies on the phone for an hour before it was fixed. The Problem? We don't know, it just came back on by itself. In the process however, it appears I lost 75% of my allotted internet usage for the month. I am throttled back until December 10th. Until then I can only watch Youtubes from Midnight to 8:00 AM.

Yesterday at Noon I lost all service for a half hour and again at 6:00 AM this morning. None of the outages were weather related. It is possible that we are being trained to expect another accidental quirk to bring down the internet in the future, say Monday when Comey and Lynch testify or even Wednesday when Hillary and Huber testify. Be prepared.

P. S. I see that Bush Sr. Died. That ought to keep the press pinned down all next week while the Hollywood stars get lined up for the Gala Event (Circus for the Sheep) How convenient.

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