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Jim’s Rant For The Day. Call Me Crazy, Crazy, Crazy.

I know I have told you before to call me crazy at some of my thoughts, but you had better extend the classification for me on this thought tonight.

Remember that line in William Shakespeare’s play Julius Caesar:

“I come to bury Caesar, not to praise him. The evil that men do lives after them; the good is oft interred with their bones.”

What if Trump is not paying homage to Bush Sr. Wednesday by declaring a Federal Holiday but rather intends to tell the American People that it was Bush Sr. that led the execution of John F. Kennedy and the reason why the Federal Government keeps postponing the release the documentation on Kennedy’s death is because Bush Sr. was still alive but now he is not?

I know the news media is saying that Trump will attend the funeral but I just don't believe Trump will do that. If he does I will probably accept that Trump will lose to the Cabal because he can't fight them in the open. Sorry to have to say that.

Trump was in the middle of shoving the sword into the Cabal's heart Monday and Wednesday. If Congress were to postpone the Wednesday testimony of Huber, the Cabal will have stopped their death blow. If Trump allows it he may never get a another chance in December to finalize his plan. However, if he instead makes the above announcement to America it will force Congress to rush back to the hearing as the American people will be unsure and outraged, especially if Congress does not react immediately. It will also force the Main Street News Media to deal with it, especially if it comes over the Emergency Broadcast System.

Could it even be that Daddy Bush was suicided by a Military Tribunal like some believe was done to John McCain? Could it be Trump's plan to stir up the unsure Americans by waving Kennedy's bloody scalp? Even the press could not hold back hornets like that and they would have to deal with it or forever disappear from the airwaves. Your thoughts?

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