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Jim’s Rant For The Day. “Look Beyond The Problem.”

Those of us who have seen the movie Patch Adams remember that line well. That is what the genius in the mental ward kept telling people who answered “four” when he held up four fingers and asked how many he had up. “You have to look beyond the problem to see the solution” he would chastise.

So here we are today, November 28, 2018, and expecting Trump to work his Ultimate Big Plan to take down the Deep State prior to January 3, 2019. We have been hoping and praying for this for the past ten years. It should give us a warm fuzzy feeling like being wrapped in your binkie and rocked by your mother, but we just don’t feel that way.

Our whole economic system has virtually been destroyed. GM is closing ten plants and may actually be going bankrupt. The stock market and thus our pensions are all just mirages. We know the banksters have run off with at least twenty trillion dollars. The dollar is collapsing, we are being invaded and our country may not hold its sovereignty. We have bad drinking water, are being fed suspected bad food and being raped by the pharmaceutical industry. Our kids are being non-taught about life and life’s skills and some of us are afraid of the Pope. And don’t forget that our planet and species may be dying. I think that just about explains the jittery feelings, doesn’t it?

So if Trump does take down the Deep State look at all the problems that will free float to the top and totally destroy our life as we now know it. Just look at all the mess and chaos that will hit us straight in the face and putting our personal future in great doubt, kind of like knowing we are about to take a walk into a storm. If half of Congress is arrested who will lead us? If the Pope is gone who will inspire us? When our kids need to step up and teach us, what will they have to teach after what they were just taught? With ten thousand problems hitting us at once demanding to be resolved immediately how will we be able to simply decide what is safe to eat for dinner today? Just writing this makes me long for my binkie now. This is totally overwhelming; a lot worse than staring at just four fingers.

Perhaps now would be a good time to take the advice from the genius and look beyond the problems. Are any of you familiar with the movie or book by Rhonda Byrne, The Secret, or studied anything on the Law of Attraction, both of which teaches one to manifest or create what one desires? Have you ever read a great book on how to become successful, like The Seven Habits Of Highly Effective People or How To Win Friends And Influence People, both of which also teaches one how to create success and overcome one’s problems? All of these sources have as a common factor the advice to locate those that you consider already successful at what you are trying to achieve, then going to them and asking for their advice on how to do what they have already done. (Note: They will always bend over backwards to help you.)

Now let’s return to our litany of societal problems. What we really want to do is not resolve them, because if we did we would still be pretty much caught up in the same problem creating system. Thus if we changed the size of the stamps we would still have to depend on the Post Office, right? If we really thought about it, we would probably choose to transcend the problems completely; go beyond them. The easiest way to accomplish this is to seek out someone who has already reached that success, advanced to that higher level of evolution, right? So let’s look around and see who we have that fits the bill and can help us.

Let’s take one small step and then one giant step. For the small step I ask you this, “do you believe that we have advanced technologies that have been hidden from us by those that control us as their sheep?” I’m talking about free energy devices, suppressed medical cures, advanced knowledge in the sciences, etc.? If so, we need to search out those advanced creators, and/or their works, and follow their advice. Simple as that.

Now for the giant step. Do you believe in advanced extraterrestrial life forms, more highly evolved beings than us? If so, do you believe they have visited earth before or can do so now if they so choose? If they are so much more highly evolved beings than us and have not contacted us before, do you think it is possible they will know we are seeking them and can then decide to make contact with us if they wished to? Is it possible some humans are now in contact with some of them? Now for the last question. Do you think that if we asked them how we can evolve to a higher level of evolution they would teach us?

In my mind, if we were to take that giant step, we too could be more highly evolved beings within a year or so, if we so choose.

Your thoughts?

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