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Jim’s Rant For The Day. Jim’s Sick Report.

Jim’s Rant For The Day. Jim’s Sick Report.

I have been a little sick most of this week and was slow on the news. For you that have also been sick or have sick ones in the family to slow down your reading, I will give you my take away from this week’s news activities, as they have been profound.

First are the two major stories reported by Bill Still, which clearly indicates that he is really close to insiders that want information out to the people, so keep an eye on his future reports. His First Report detailed how the Republicans got caught with their hands in the cookie jar in 1982 and agreed to a compromise consent to be temporarily blocked from poll watching the national elections. They thought the court would enforced it for a year or two but instead it turned out to be for thirty-six years, ending just as Trump was sworn into office. This decree allowed the Democrats to steal elections in all sorts of manners over those 36 years.

This is why Trump moved voter fraud under Homeland Security for the 2018 election. “Q” was accurate to point out that the Democrats were too stupid to change their habits. What Trump needed was actual documented proof of election fraud by individuals with plenty of proof of intent to commit the crimes. The intent issue is most important and is why all the media quickly referred to Betty Snipes in the Florida voting as being incompetent. This helps prevent the charge of voter fraud in people's minds.

Bill Still also points out that Homeland Security can take up to 45 days to report to Trump on the legality of the elections. This report date may be delivered to him prior to or around December 21st. At that time, Trump may block some of the winners from taking office or call for some interim elections.

Bill Still’s Second Report is about a court order for Hillary to answer questions about her private server. Still reports that the real story on the Benghazi debacle was the result of Hillary selling stinger missiles to Libya outside of congressional approval. One of those missiles was used to shoot down a U. S. helicopter in Afghanistan. Ambassador Stevens was sent to Libya to take back the remaining missiles.

During this week many of us, including myself, have gotten pretty fed up and frightened with Trump and his inactivity of getting points on the board (heads on a stick). But now that I am feeling much better I see more clearly that he must take the time to nail the entire Deep State with the voter fraud, and that activity must be most deliberately documented for “intent” in order to nail them for treason and/or punishment.

To me the voter fraud is a much bigger issue than the FISA Report and thus the FISA Report may have to wait another month to be released. I originally believed that if the FISA Report came out after the new Democratically controlled House was sworn in, they could block the release of all supporting documentation of the FISA Report and the News Media could quickly sweep it away from the people's view.

Now I understand that Trump can reverse the election of any politician that got into the House or Senate Illegally, thus buying all the time Trump needs, as long as he is not assassinated.


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