• Jim Costa

Jim’s Rant For The Day. A two Sided Wall On The Border. We are free!!! The witch is dead!

Oh what a beautiful morning we have awakened to today!

Two days ago I too was about to abandon Trump as he has not shown himself in the voting fraud activity nor has he declassed the FISA report as I had anticipated.

But Oh dear god, I went to bed knowing last night that I was now seeing the light!!!

First you must listen to last night’s X22Report from the 28 Minute mark. Dave and the Anons point out that under Trump’s Executive Order on Voter Fraud earlier this year, certain things were set up. First and foremost Homeland Security was charged to monitor the elections for fraud and 45 days after the election give a report to Trump on if the election was legitimate or not. That report is expected before or around December 21st.

At that time, Trump can postpone certain questionable winners from taking office in January, call for new elections in total or in certain races, and now implement voter ID requirements.

Then by the light of this morning I awoke to Bill Still’s explosive report that the Republican Party has been under a court order the past 36 years to not monitor the voting activity – they were locked out across America thus allowing the Democrats to openly cheat all they wanted! The retired judge that went into office one day a year just to renew that order just recently died.

Folks, what I see here is that Trump is about to build a two sided wall around America. One side to keep out the illegal aliens and the other side to take away the incentive for the Democrats to bring them into the country, as they will never vote in elections ever again! Wow! What a beautiful morning!

Could it be that when Trump was telling us to watch for November 11th for the day to free us he was referring to the first day after the final report on the election (Saturday, Nov. 10th) that court order would end and we can now stop the election fraud?

We are free!!! The witch is dead!