• Jim Costa

Jim’s Rant For The Day. It's Time.

I am not a violent person nor do I wish to see violence in America.

But It is time to call an end to this sick game we are now in. We now appear to have two presidents trying to rule the United States, Trump and Rosenstein. I know “Q” keeps saying more time is needed for the game to play out but I no longer follow that thought.

It is now time for the Military to step in and end this coup according to the Constitution . If they fail to act, then it is time for all patriots to go into the streets and take out these coup bastards ourselves! We may be sloppy about it; we may be inept and unprepared about going against their machines, but it is time that we tell the universe just how we feel about our freedom!

P. S. Sorry for the above Folks. Guess I just got up on the wrong side of the bed. Yes, I know the logical thing is to wait 'till after the elections. But I can't tell you how infuriated I am to see major government department heads refusing to follow orders and instead taking on the roll of the President. These people need to be put to death legally.

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