• Jim Costa

Jim’s Rant For The Day. Back To Work on the FISA Report.

I realize that today is a Federal Holiday, but for Trump it is back to the war again after a weekend break.

As I see it, the Cabal is riding a dying horse, the Democratic Party. Trump must strike as quickly as possible at the Cabal with the Unredacted FISA Report. The longer that report is illusive the more the Democrats can come back.

But here is the problem, no one seems to know what the score is on the FISA Report. Last Thursday Jeff Sessions was commanded by a subpoena to appear and turn over all of the unredacted documents to the House Judiciary Committee. I cannot find any evidence that Sessions appeared.

Now I hear that Trump may have to start firing DOJ and FBI leaders in order to get a leader that can cause the documents to appear. According to Mike Adams, Trump needed Kavanaugh on the court in case an injunction is issued to stop his Alphabet firings. What confuses me today is that FOX news is stating that Rod Rosenstein is to fly with Trump on Air Force One this afternoon. How do you fire or threaten to fire someone on an airplane and then look at him for another hour?

At this point I have no idea what to expect in way of the FISA report.

See: House Judiciary Committee subpoenas AG Sessions for McCabe, FISA and Russian investigation documents.