• Jim Costa

Jim’s Rant For The Day. Dem DEMs been out-flanked. WOW, What a show!

I was so scared and horrified yesterday by the DEMs move to call in the FBI that I forgot to get my popcorn – I completely forgot that it was all just a show.

Here’s where I believe we are. The committee knew they were ideologically separate and split. The Republicans knew the world needed Kavanaugh to get on base and the Democrats knew if he did it was all over for the Deep State. The DEMs refused to participate in the investigation. This is tantamount to an army leaving its flank wide open. The Repubs recognized that opening.

If the Repubs made a hard frontal attack on Ford that would have inflamed the Antifa and other Women’s Rights movements to work harder for the left; being 12 old white men and all, you know. So instead of a frontal, they brought in a ringer, Rachael Mitchell, as the Prosecutor. Now I know she doesn’t look tall to be out in front but she certainly knew how to set up the volley ball for the FBI to come in and spike it all while the 12 old white men just sit back and watch, and that is what I am predicting will happen. Mitchell really nailed Ford’s shoes to the floor by having her commit to answers that will haunt Ford later.

I expect the FBI report will come in late tonight and it will expose misspoken statements by Ford as well as her hiding the fact that Kavanaugh’s High School buddy and look alike, Chris Garrett was the other person in the home (his home by the way) that Ford refused to identify. It appears all along the Repubs were holding the Chris Garrett card and are now playing it to awaken more people to the playbook of the Democrats. The DEMs will not be able to refute the FBI report and we will never hear of Ford again.

And speaking of that playbook, so far three of the four slighted women accusers appear to be conscripts of the DEMs. Therefore, all the DEMs can do is crawl off the field and accept the vote that is about to come for Kavanaugh. They have hollered wolf way too many times here.

I see smooth sailing ahead for Kavanaugh and in the process many millions more now awakened. Well played Repubs.

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