• Jim Costa

Note From Jim: Fast Moving Erin T. Scott.

Yesterday in Erin Scott's latest video she warned us that she expects chaos to begin October 3rd and remain wild for at least a month. Her advice was to be fully prepped and ready by then.

She also advised us that she is moving on from YouTube. She and other notable alternative media sources are in the process of doing this out of fear that Youtube may shut them down or that Youtube itself may be soon shut down.

After they fully migrate you may have difficulty viewing their work. There are steps you can take now so that your system is prepared to continue to watch their work.

You can register (with BitTube itself) for free and watch her videos for free. I recommend that you do so. It will only take about a minute. By registering with BitTube their cookies will be downloaded so that you can watch her interviews. Otherwise, my links to her won't work for you.

If and when Youtube access is lost we can continue to stay in tough.