• Jim Costa

Jim’s Rant For The Day. It Ain’t Just Local.

Here it is Saturday morning and I am stewing over the Christine Blasey-Ford circus being shown us while we watch Rod Rosenstein twist in the wind after the NYT and WaPo articles of him discussing entrapment of Trump. All of this leaves me feeling utterly disgusted with all the delays and the “We’re gonna get to the bottom of this.” as the can continues to get kicked down the road.

Oh dear god how I long for this madness to end; to right our ship; to get back to the real truth of life and focusing on improving human living instead of all of this garbage. If the U. S. could just get right. We are so close to shutting the Deep State down and getting back to right. But then my head snaps back to the reality that it’s not that simple and we may not be that safely near the end as we are lead to believe.

That’s because it ain’t just local. It’s not just about Rosenstein trying to save his life or us recreating thirty-six years ago. It is more about a life struggle to see if a mirage remains in our view instead of disappearing when we finally wipe the sweat from our eyes. We are currently trapped in a despaired world in which very powerful organizations work diligently to lie to us constantly to distort our reality. And today’s reality is they fear our reality may change.

FISA-gate may bring into view the British role their MI6 played in the ongoing U. S. coup. They may also be exposed for their pedophile activity as well as the City of London’s global financial fraud. This could illuminate the hidden Anglo control of the world the past thousand years. Likewise with the Vatican. The world may be about to see clearly our fraudulently created reality of servitude.

This is what frightens me the most. It’s not just about the U.S. waking up, it’s about the world doing so. Those powerful organizations will not give up their thousand year reign easily. So no, this is not just about Ford or Rosenstein.

It is about the Vatican still believing they speak for god in all they say and do and thus they own the world. They still do not realize that god’s church is not in a control center but rather in men’s hearts. But still the Vatican may end up doing dastardly deeds to “save god’s church”. So too for MI6 and the City of London, as well as the other major bloodlines that own us because it’s god’s will.

It ain’t just local Folks. We must still watch out for a major reaction from the Non-Locals hoping to stay alive here by retaining their stock-in-trade of organized bull shit on us. Stay vigilent.