• Jim Costa

Jim’s Rant For The Day. Gett’n On With Gettysburg.

Question: OK Jim, you’ve got my attention now. When do you think the chaos will begin, this weekend or a month or two away?

Response: We each have to decide this one for ourselves. But let’s try a practice run on predicting such a thing by going back to a similar situation and see if we can sharpen our prediction skills.

One of the most important battles in our Civil War was Gettysburg. The force and determination of those two powerful forces that met there are almost identical to what we are facing today – the entire future of the country is again at stake. So now lets see what each of the two commanders of that battle knew, expected, planned and bet on. Then perhaps we can predict what was about to happen to start that battle.

Robert Lee moved his forces out of the South to invade as close to the Union Capital as possible to force a fight. His intent was to control the battle conditions when he eventually met the enemy. But two days before the actual battle he had no idea where the enemy was.

George Mead was the newly appointed commander of the Union Forces. He had no idea what was going on other than Lee was on the move somewhere. His intent was to control the battle conditions when he met the enemy.

Both commanders surely hoped to have most of their troops on site, well protected, rested and ready to fight on their own terms. Therefore, each wanted to control the fight time, and this is what we are trying to predict in past tense here. But what actually happened was that the two disorganized forces bumped into each other in the “dark” and all hell broke loose at that point in place and time. So so much can be said for hope and planning. No one then, nor now, could have predicted the fight time.

Now let’s get back to the present time. We know that the two forces today must fight it out. Certainly Trump wants to get one more Supreme Court judge on the bench to insure that the umpire votes his way to cover history. The Cabal most assuredly wants to keep any more Judges from joining in to overrule the Deep State’s final protection in the event of sedition charges against the Deep State. The vote on Judge Kavanaugh is expected early in October. In the meantime it appears that the Deep State will lose the Mid-Term elections and they are rapidly losing their power over the land.

Now, you my friends, predict the start of the big battle. Will Trump be able to stall off until mid-October or will the Deep State kick over the checker board and pounce on us all before the voting starts?

You call it – heads or tails?

No matter what you call, my bet is on the fact that the coin will drop within 30 days.