• Jim Costa

Jim’s Rant For The Day. The Tri-fecta of Truth Tellers Regarding the Tri-fecta of Controllers.

This rant is a quick restatement of articles provided the past week by three amazing Alternative News sources right now. They are: Greg Hunter, Jordan Sather and Erin Scott. They have supplied some amazing interviews that lead to this post. My goal here is to stay out of the detail and try to piece together their combined big picture of what we are fighting to undue.

In a nutshell, our U. S. legal system is a con and is subject to the Crown of England. The IRS system is a legal lie to Americans to take taxes not due and this legal system conceals that fraud. The court’s main goal is to extract wealth from the citizens.

There are three legs to the control of this planet. The City of London, a separate financial territory like Washington D. C. and the Vatican, controls the planet financial system. The Vatican controls the policies. And the U. S. Military is the strong arm for this unholy alliance.

Perhaps this is why Trump must utilize Military Tribunals to clean out the D. C. swamp, because our courts are sworn to protect the hidden fraudulent global system; they are a part of it. As Jordan Sather points out, people don't realize that we are going to have to create a new economic system, money system, pharmaceutical industry, food system, school system as well as a new legal system. My God, what a tall order.


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