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Jim's Rant For The Day. Contact, With Structure. [This was bumped back to the top because of

In Dr. Carl Sagan’s book Contact and the movie by the same name there was one major scene which I am certain blew us all away. It not only showed us the mind of Sagan but perhaps the minds of lifeforms much more advanced than us mere mortals.

I am talking about the scene where it was discovered that video signals of Hitler giving a speech contained pages of blueprints hidden in the original TV images. But there was no “primer” or means of teaching us mortals how to read the prints; the underlying language for it. What was also confusing was that each corner of the thousands of the pages had a 1/3 circle on it that didn’t line up with anything.

Then it was discovered that three pages could be lined up like a cone or pyramid causing the pages to overlap their edges. The overlapping created new characters to appear which was the language primer. It was discovered that advanced minds thought beyond two dimensional pages and instead in terms of three dimensional pages, with the cones filled with even more texts or pages.

Today Jordan Sather announced that Qanon has been doing something similar with his Q Posts. The Trip Codes (numbering sequences of the posts and poster IDs) have been over and over again pointing to books. So a five word post that might say “We will soon be free” was all along pointing to a book that perhaps tells how we are purposely being made sick.

There is a long list of book titles pointed out dealing with such subjects as the JFK assassination, UFOs, aliens on earth interfering with world governments, the Deep State and many more. This is a real treasure find! What we are seeing is the disclosure of the truth by either the President of the U. S. or someone very very close to him.

16 Minute Video:

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