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  • Jim Costa

Jim’s Rant For The Day. Federal Reserve Takeover.

When I heard this week that Trump is about to take control of the Federal Reserve Bank I was quite happy but at the same time disappointed because that would probably take six months to accomplish.

My thing was that there are seven Fed Reserve governors. Two have already been put on that board by Trump. Two more are waiting for the Senate to approve them and two more seats are up for Trump to nominate them. All this would end up with 6 out of 7 governors appointed by Trump. But there is no way that Congress (and the Cabal) will let this happen quickly and easily. So there was nothing to really get excited about, right?

Wrong. Today Greg Hunter, in his Weekly News Wrap-up (30 minute mark), says Trump can fast track the process! According to the original 1913 Articles of the Federal Reserve, the U. S. Secretary of the Treasury is the Head of the Fed Reserve! If Trump so chooses, he can send in Stephen Mnuchin, Secretary of the Treasury, (with a few Marines) to take his lawful seat at the head of the table. This can be accomplished in one day.

Stay tuned folks!

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