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Jim’s Rant For The Day. It’s Time For Time Lines.

Yesterday two sources that might know gave us their believed time lines for the take down of the Deep State by Trump and company. This follows the prediction of most alternate media in the know financially telling us when to expect the global financial collapse. Please note that these are two distinct events, the collapse of the economy and the government changeover. However, they can occur simultaneously.

All of the major financial experts are saying the global financial system will collapse between now and December, with most saying September or October. Will this be catastrophic or just a 3 month bump in the road? Will there be a planned reset and soft landing or will the globalists win and complete our enslavement? No One Knows.

In regards to the U. S. government change, yesterday Benjamin Fulford gave us these projections:

August – Mass Arrests;

September – 9/11 Disclosure;

October – Financial Jubilee (debt forgiveness).

Yesterday evening (begin at 30 minute mark) recapped what one of the Anons deduced from Q posts and is predicting:

July: Mid-Month Sessions becomes important;

Meeting with Putin

August: Hillary’s server confiscated yields emails to the public.

The people are shocked and disgusted and demand arrests.

The Great Awakening begins.

September: Indictments are unsealed;

Grand Juries are revealed.

Big arrests are made.

October: Sessions starts D.C. prosecutions.

D.C. is in turmoil.

Huber starts prosecutions outside of D.C.

November: Troops are returning home.

Military parade in D.C. Nov. 11th.

Washington, D.C. is locked down.

Military Tribunals for treason begin.

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