• Jim Costa

Jim's Rant For The Day. 2 Months To Go. [Bumped back to the top]

Folks, we are facing two problems here: A financial crash and a governmental changeover in the U. S. The financial crash will be the failure of the banks, loss of all credit resulting in the inability to conduct business or move products. The governmental problem is who will rule the earth and down to who will rule the U.S., that being the Deep State or going back to a republic.

The past few days everybody big in the alternate media is saying hold on for both a financial crash as well as a governmental change.

They are guessing the time to be anywhere from now to four months from now. If we take an average that is two months from now.

President Trump is warning folks to be prepared for major shocks within two months or so. He says not to worry because afterward the jobs will return to the U.S.

In conclusion Folks, look for chaos to occur around September first.