• Jim Costa

Jim’s Rant For The Day. Not Incompetency.

The IG Clinton Investigation report is now out, all 500 pages to be released to the public later today.

What is being said of it is that Inspector General Horowitz, who authored it, had an unusual writing position; he wrote it without any balls. It appears that he left them in exculpatory positions by stating that there was no evidence of political bias. He just says that the senior Fed Agents and Managers operated outside of the bureau’s “protocol” and as such were “incompetent”.

Although low hanging, I still have mine. I say that a ten year old blind child can see TREASON here. My hope is that Trump immediately demands an unredacted copy of the report and subsequently fires all of them for “incompetence”. Then later, in their own time, the vultures can pick their treasonous bones after adjudication of treason by a tribunal.

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