• Jim Costa

Jim’s Rant For The Day. Di Nero's “Fuck Trump.”

Last night Robert De Niro said “It's No Longer Just Down with Trump, It's Fuck Trump” at the Tony Awards. This lead off the Fox News report this morning right after the breaking story of IHOP changing their name from “IHOP” to “IHOB” for International House of Hamburgers.

I now realize that I have watched way too many Dr. Phil shows because I immediately asked myself why he would say that and what did he hope to get out of it? I appreciate the fact that every time he is invited to speak he dogs on Trump, even at a High School presentation. To me he approaches all microphones like a trained monkey performing his one act for his owners.

But damn, I can hear Dr. Phil now asking, “What are you so angry about?” “Fuck Trump” is a long way from Trump is a bad president, isn’t it? What did he expect to get from last night’s declaration? I could understand if he hollered that Trump was in favor of parking meters in front of all City Halls and therefore must go. But “Fuck Trump”? That doesn’t exactly inspire the masses to go out and spray paint that on railroad box cars, now does it?

Here’s another fact from the Tony Awards last night. It is reported that the crowd cheered him greatly. So was this an inside joke with the actors guild? Perhaps so. My thought this morning is “Fuck Trump” is the last act of defiance from a loser in the contest. Couple this with the inside joke possibility and this is where I have arrived at. If I ever questioned the veracity of the Hollywood pedophile relationship I would certainly have little doubt about that now. Yep, I can see where the whole audience was coming from. Their cheerleader delivered to them exactly what their money bought them and what they needed to hear.


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