• Jim Costa

Dear Jim: Freedom Rant

All the best to you and all of your freedom loving readers. Seeing that Soros is funding the probable sham election attempt of 21 Progressive AG's made me wonder why Trump does not send SEAL Team Six to pick this Satanic Ghoul up?

All of us are awaiting the IG Report thinking that it will be the benchmark, the whole enchilada, the piece de la resistance, the culmination, the real beginning of the Second American Revolution.

We see so much evil, injustice, corruption, Pure Evil, Pedophilia and Governmental Crime, Chemtrails, Bankers Wars and we all wonder....what does the turnaround look like? I don't think it has actually started and things couldn't be much worse. Hope is being tried and squeezed right now. I have always looked to the IG Report to be the beginning of opening the sealed indictments, the visiting by SEAL Team Six and others to thousands of people worldwide who will get luxurious acommodations at Gitmo etc.

Imagine, our tax money actually going to the people of America, a somewhat honest media, government workers who work for the common good with just a little bit of theft and graft thrown in.

Are we on the cusp? Is this nightmare almost over? Are we like the African Queen? Tired? Exhausted? Hopeless? About to quit? With the cool blue water just feet behind the last palm fronds of the jungle? Are we so close that we can taste it? we tune in next week for the next episode of FEMA camps and Guillotines!



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