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Jim’s Rant For The Day. Its Coming!

Brother Dave Gardner, a comic from the 1950s, tells this story. A small town woke to a new billboard that said, “Watch for it, it’s coming. Don’t miss it.”

A week later it was mysteriously changed to, “It’s coming, don’t miss it. The whole town will be talking about it for years.”

The following Monday it said, “It’s coming. Will be here Friday at the theater at 7 PM. Get your tickets before they are sold out.”

Friday night after the theater was packed by the entire town, an old man walked out on the stage and pulled open the curtain revealing an easel holding a sign that said, “It’s Gone!”

Yesterday Lt. Col. Roy Potter’s interview raised an interesting question, “just exactly who has issued the 29,000 unsealed indictments?” He points out that Military tribunals would not record their “indictments” in a Federal Court, they would keep them quiet. He also points out that it appears that Trump has no control of the legal system, the DOJ, FBI and the CIA. The Deep State appears to have all the power. With that being said, just who would have issued all of the indictments?

Potter fears that the Deep State may have issued them against all Trump supporters and at the right time will open them to destroy Trump support as he is brought down. This is indeed an interesting prospect.

Slowly the big names in the alternate media, although not all, have arrived at the conclusion that Trump is quickly running out of time. This morning David Seaman added his name to the list.

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