• Jim Costa

Dear Jim: Timing.

You’re my first read in the morning as I value what you put up so much. Thank you!

Consider nuclear blackmail as the reason things aren’t going faster. I’ve read that around each and every Israeli consulate throughout the world they measure nuclear signatures within the walls. Would they have other buildings in major cities with the same kind of nuclear count? If true that the Syrian strike and resultant mushroom/sparkling cloud was an Iranian nuclear bomb facility masquerading as a biological weapons factory, and no one died in the area from biological weapons being spewed out (with pictures of Syrians dancing afterward), Trump et. al. are being very quiet not to telegraph their intent to bad actors. Slowly, quietly rolling them up so as to not spook them into action as that would ultimately trigger game over with scorched earth and no chance to regain power over anything if all destroyed. They hope to regain footing I suspect. Took millennia to set up, might takes years to take down. I feel positive after listening to deep black whistleblowers.

Thank you for your contribution to our ultimate freedom! Bev

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