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Jim’s Rant For The Day. New News Reporters.

A lot of changes have occurred in the area of alternative news broadcasters. I am sad to say that most of this change is attributed to Google and Youtube causing some of the new journalists to lose their earnings from their work and quitting. I guess they financially just could no longer publish, which is understandable when you have a family.

Once upon a time I placed a lot of stock in some but now feel they have waned in their “sources”. It is hard to produce weekly or daily explosive news scoops that are for the most part hidden from view – an impossible job unless you are well connected. One individual I have seen slow down is Ben Fulford.

It has been harder lately for me to capture reliable news articles dealing just with the Collapse and Reset, as you have probably noticed. Where I spent many hours researching for good articles, I find myself now mainly scanning just a few journalists every hour, those being: Jordan Sather, X22 Report, Bill Still Report and occasionally Col. Roy Potter. Since they changed their news blog format, for some reason SGT Report articles just don’t click with me. I think that is because so many of them are repeating the same old lessons we have all heard a thousand times before. Perhaps now they are better suited for newbys.

But here is the good news. Two of the hottest stars out there for me at this time are the X22 Report and the Bill Still Report. Lets start with the X22 Report.

I do not know how they are financially supported nor do I feel they are located in the U. S. This is evidenced by the continuous misspelling in their daily recaps. At first I blamed this on a overzealous spell checker, but now it is obvious that it is being proofed by someone with English as a second language. I tell you this so you can be cautious.

With that being said, they give excellent daily news recaps that are most accurate. Their report from yesterday was explosive. It details how the Uranium One deal to ship uranium to Russia was also a setup to keep some of the signature (traceable) uranium in Syria to be used to nuke the United States and have it blamed on Russia, thus enabling the Cabal to take over the world. It shows how many years ago all of the planning was done to destroy the U. S. today. If there is any substance to the story then one must wonder who are the sources to the X22 Report?

Next let’s look at the Bill Still Report. He is staying afloat by advertising. Most of his articles are simply Youtubes of well grounded written reports, but every now and then he posts outright original information ahead of others. Case in point is yesterday’s report on prior Coups. In that one he declares that Richard Nixon resigned from office because the U. S. Military forced him out. He suggests that the

Watergate break in was indeed done by the CIA, that the Deep state was gaining power over the news media and was choking back the real background story that the Deep State was at that time trying to take down the U. S. until the military stopped them. You decide if this is credible or not. But for me I am certain that Still didn’t just conjure this one up; he has sources.

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