• Jim Costa

Jim’s Rant For The Day. Miracle of 1980 Olympic Hockey Team.

A few weeks ago I saw the 2004 movie Miracle about the 1980 U. S. Olympic Hockey team that beat the unbeatable Russians for the gold medal. I do not understand hockey as I am a Southern boy, so please forgive me.

In the opening series game, there was a minute left on the clock and the U. S. was down by one point. Without a tie they were out of the running; they were dead.

Their coach, Herb Brooks, did what was unthinkable to me (at the time). He pulled the goal tender out of the game and replaced him with a forward to rush the opponent’s goal. That strategy gained them the tying point and from there eventually the gold metal.

After seeing the movie I came to understand the wisdom of pulling the goalie – it wouldn’t matter if they lost by one or two points, but it could only help their cause if they took that last minute gamble.

Last week the Deep State pulled the same stunt. They filed a lawsuit against everyone in the world for the loss of the 2016 election by Hillary. There is no doubt that it is a “Hail Mary Pass” just to garner attention from the press going into the 2018 election. They know it is going to bite them big time in the end.

Take heart folks. For them to pull their goalie we have to be in the last minute of the game!